Jennifer Aniston Won An Award For Being Hot

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As expected, Jennifer Aniston showed up to accept her Decade Of Hotness award at the Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice thing this weekend. Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s say she’s hot. Is there anything else we can say about her? Is she a great actress? Is she a charitable human being? Is she respectful of who she dates and fights to keep her private life private? Is she gracious and humble in interviews? No? Okay, then why in the fuck is famou…TODD ANGELINA JOLIE STOLE HER HUSBAND AND SOME GUY CHEATED ON ME TOO SO JENNIFER ANISTON IS JUST LIKE ME SO THAT MEANS ANISTON IS A WONDERFUL PERSON AND ANGELINA IS PURE EVIL AND ANISTON WAS AN INNOCENT VICTIM SO I WILL KEEP HER FAMOUS BECAUSE I KNOW SHE DOESN’T USE WHAT HAPPENED SIX YEARS AGO TO HER ADVANTAGE AND PLAY ON THE PUBLIC’S SYMPATHY TO CONTINUE TO BE CAST IN MOVIES. AND HER DOG DIED AND I HAVE A DOG TOO SO SHE LOVES ANIMALS LIKE ME THAT’S WHY WE ARE SO MUCH A LIKE. Oh, okay. I get it now. Sorry about that.