Sophie Turner Is A Double Rainbow

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Sophie Turner and I decided to take a break from our imaginary sexual relationship to see other people recently, mostly because she has no idea who I am and the fact that she’s too busy doing Half Off Hollywood. By the way, what is that? Is that some sort of euphemism for banging Jeremy Piven behind my back? Huh, is that what that means?! How could you?! Should I shave my head then get hair plugs? Will that make you love me, Sophie?! Whew, anyway. Sorry about that. I guess the point of this post is that Sophie uploaded these pics of a her recent photoshoot to her Twitter last night. I’m not sure how gay the photographer was to point the camera at her and not take a picture of this, but anyway, here they are. As you can see, she’s not just content to steal my heart. She also apparently stole Marisa Miller’s stomach.