Lindsay Was “Belligerently Drunk” At A Nightclub This Weekend

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I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but less than 72 fucking hours after a judge gave her yet another slap on the wrist for violating her probation, Lindsay Lohan was fall down drunk and got into an altercation early Sunday morning at a Hollywood nightclub. Radar Online reports:

The incident occurred at the new Paul & Andre Hollywood nightclub. In the photo Lohan, 24, who last week escaped serious time behind bars after pleading no contest to a theft, can be seen sitting on the back of the couch while her friends are partying. According to the source, so was Lohan!..“We didn’t press charges because we thought it was funny at first,” said an eyewitness who asked not to be identified. He and three friends, including the owner of the camera, sat for an hour at a table next to Lohan’s. “We all were drunk. But then we figured out when we got home that the camera was broken because water seeped in. The memory card, though, was still good.”..“Lindsay appeared to be ‘belligerently drunk,’” the source said. “She and her people were doing shots of something all night. She looked like she was falling all over the place. She was being stupid. “When she grabbed my friend’s wrist, another woman who was with Lindsay grabbed the camera. She kept saying ‘I need that camera’ over and over again. So the woman got it and sunk it into the ice bucket.”…“We were sorta leaving and we didn’t want to cause any more trouble,” he said.

The best thing about this story is, of course, gonna be Dina and Lindsay’s statement tomorrow. I don’t want to speculate what they might say, but I bet it will have something to do with Lindsay being abducted and aliens creating a sentient replica of her so they can send it to clubs to get drunk and photographed because aliens are part of the media whose mission it is to destroy Lindsay’s good name.