The Vampire Lecrackhead

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Lindsay Lohan‘s weirdo friend, Tyler Shields, put fangs in Lindsay’s mouth and took her picture. I don’t need to comment on the irony. E! Online reports:

The Mean Girls star slapped on some fangs and sultry red lipstick to portray a vampire in photographer friend Tyler Shields’s photo exhibit, “Life is Not a Fairytale,” which debuted Saturday night in an East Los Angeles warehouse. Lohan showed up to the event with her sister Ali to support the exhibit’s unveiling, which featured solo shots of the actress as well as her posing with Vampire Diaries’ star Michael Trevino in a neck-biting situation. Also, as you can see, she—and partygoers Emma Roberts and Jenna Ushkowitz who dove right in—cozied up to a casket, too. “Lindsay loves vampires,” Shields told People at the event. “It’s well documented that she is a vampire fan, and I said we need to do the craziest vampire mouth shot ever with her mouth.”

That’s right, Lindsay does love vampires. She loves them so much that she openly campaigned to be on True Blood. They haven’t offered her a part yet. No word yet as to why, but if I had to guess, it’s because vampires usually have a high T-cell count. Who knows. What am I, a vampire doctor?