At Your Service

Lindsay Lohan started her community service hours. E! Online reports:

Just two weeks after being sentenced for violating her probation, the troubled actress was spotted Friday morning arriving at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles to get crackin’ on the 360 hours she needs to spend there helping the homeless. (The other 120 hours will be logged at the L.A. County morgue.)

While it’s not exactly known what she’ll be assigned to do—it could be anything from sorting through donations to cooking meals to answering phones—the judge who sentenced Lohan is hoping the experience of “seeing women who are truly needy” will help to “change her behavior.”

Lohan, who’s in the midst of appealing the other part of her sentence (120 days in jail), has one year to complete the community service.

Considering she hardly works and is on her way to be too broke to afford gas to drive to the bar, it should be easy for Lindsay to complete her community service. But seeing women who are truly needy wont change her behavior. I don’t think seeing poor people is going to fix someone’s sense of entitlement and tastes for vodka and speedballs, but it may inspire her to start a meth lab.