Kim Kardashian Looks Great In A Bikini. Not Really.

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Since her boyfriend is on one of the worst teams in the NBA, Kim Kardashian is in Puerto Mita, Mexico with New Jersey Nets’ power forward Kris Humphries instead of watching the NBA playoffs. And boy, I bet he’s glad his team went 24-58 this year, because he gets see this in a bikini all offseason. You know, that is until a Mexican fisherman comes by and mistakes her ass for a seal then throws a net over her. Then possibly squeezes a lime on her. Oh, and maybe some guacamole. Guacamole is pretty good. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that she’s fat. I hope I made that clear.

Note: Her sister Kourtney has also there. Please keep in mind that Kourtney has a kid and looks like this in a bikini. And this. Kim is one determined sperm away from having to be airlifted every time she goes to Taco Bell.