Christina Aguilera Won Some Gay Award

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Besides planning other people’s weddings and saying the word “fabulous”, gays love sassy, unattractive divas. Like Christina Aguilera. So they immortalized her at gay Ground Zero. Radar Online reports:

The National Anthem mangler, who just got divorced, is officially marking her place as a gay icon since she’s the first inductee into West Hollywood restaurant The Abbey’s new attraction. “We’re proud of Christina, who’s always supported causes important to (gay) people,” Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center rep Stevie St. John told RadarOnline. “We applaud her for speaking out in favor of equality and working to support the community.” The Abbey is a legendary West Hollywood gay hotspot that became a favorite of just-deceased screen legend Elizabeth Taylor. Owners just remodeled the club, and added the gay walk of fame as an attraction.

You’d think the first inductee would be a gay person, but I don’t wear a feather boa and sing into a hairbrush when I hear a Britney Spears song on the radio, so I won’t think too hard about the rationale here. Mostly because I don’t care. But, hey look! Boobs!