Kate Hudson Is Still Pregnant, BTW

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Kate Hudson‘s vagina opens like an overflowing fountain any time a guy with a guitar looks at her, so in case you didn’t know, she’s pregnant with the bastard child of Radiohead tribute band, Muse, frontman Matt Bellamy. He’s currently on tour in Argentina where she was photographed being a wonderful parent. Pop Eater reports:

The actress was spotted sipping from what looks like a large glass of red wine. While some believe that imbibing in moderation while pregnant is OK, many experts disagree. A New York-based OB-GYN who has not treated Hudson says of her choice of beverage, “Right now, no one really knows what amount of alcohol is harmful for the fetus, so it’s recommended that you don’t drink at all during pregnancy.” The doctor’s suggestion? Abstain. “We just don’t know enough.”

I’m not a doctor, but you can’t give me one acceptable reason why it’s okay to drink when you’re pregnant. Not one. If you leave a comment trying to justify it, then you’re just a drunk slut who can’t be bothered giving up alcohol for the benefit of your child. Some say it’s God, but we all know that alcohol is what causes babies. It shouldn’t make them come out retarded and with an extra ear on their elbow.