This Is Snow White

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No, seriously. From E! Online:

Lily Collins, daughter of hitmaker Phil, has been cast as the titular princess in Snow White, Relativity Media’s upcoming update of the Grimm fairytale turned Disney classic, the studio confirmed Friday.

The role of Prince Andrew Alcott, who traditionally awakens the princess from her poison-apple-induced sleep, went to Hammer last week, and Julia Roberts is onboard to play the evil Queen. Just days ago, The Lovely Bones star Saoirse Ronan had been linked to the role of Snow White, but… Lily obviously proved fairest of them all.

Snow White is supposed to be hot and pale with black hair, not look like a werewolf with freckles from the eyes up, so this makes about as much sense as “”Sussudio.” In the story, Snow White is also described to have lips as red as blood from when her mother pricks a finger on a sewing needle. Here’s hoping she saved some of that thread for the poor girl’s eyebrows. If they were going to put Lily Collins in a fairy tale movie, I’d expect her to pretend to be Amanda Seyfried’s grandma.

Images via WENN.