Charlie Sheen Is A Blockbuster

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Charlie Sheen’s got an A-list project to launch his comeback since being fired from Two And A Half Men. Oh, wait. From Radar Online:

Charlie Sheen filmed a small cameo for the movie She Wants Me, starring Hilary Duff, and has learned exclusively that he’s also taken on the role of executive producer!

According to a source, Sheen initially agreed to a part in the movie because he’s good friends with one of the producers, Mark Holder, and eventually he progressed into an executive producer title.

“Charlie is one of the executive producers on the film, which is a new addition to the small role he has,” director Rob Margolies’ rep told

“They filmed last fall and are currently editing the movie which should be ready for a June release.”

In addition to Duff, the movie also features Love and Other Drugs star Josh Gad, who is a neurotic writer working on a screenplay who ends up in a sticky situation when an A-list actress shows interest in a role that he was hoping his girlfriend would get.

If you’re looking for a comeback vehicle, you should probably look elsewhere than a project where Hilary Duff is the marquee name. Charlie Sheen has a better shot at resurrecting his career doing dinner theater in North Dakota. Or, you know, by drinking chocolate milk and not doing drugs.

Hilary Duff at some event a month ago:

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