Lindsay Won’t Get A Continuance, Must Decide Today

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Trying to find any way they can to keep Lindsay in and out of jail as quickly as possible, Lindsay’s legal team has been unable to decide whether to accept a plea deal in her jewelry store robbery case. The plea deal, which Lindsay will have to admit guilt by definition, will be a violation of her probation resulting in her immediately being sentenced to jail (more than likely 18 days). If Lindsay rolls the dice and goes to trial, which her defense team will claim that Lindsay was a victim of the jewelry store’s desire to get publicity, she could be sentenced to one year in state prison if her gamble fails. That being said, Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court this morning where it was believed that she would ask for a continuance to have more time to decide. TMZ reported yesterday:

Lindsay will get a continuance in court Thursday so she can have more time to mull over the judge’s offer — which POSITIVELY involves jail time. As we reported, no deal was struck Wednesday during a meeting in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz, Shawn Holley and Danette Meyers. Judge Schwartz previously made it clear … if Lindsay didn’t cop a plea Thursday morning he’d send the case out to a trial judge.

And if by “more time” you mean “five hours from now”, then yeah. You’re right!

Radar Online

The Mean Girls star, 24, will NOT be granted a last-minute continuance to allow her to continue mulling over a plea deal when she goes to court Thursday morning, has exclusively learned. Conflicting reports surfaced on Wednesday night that the actress was given a last minute reprieve by Judge Keith Schwartz, and she would be given more time to decide if she will accept a plea deal that will include some jail time. Sources directly connected with the case tell us: “There will be no continuance granted by Judge Keith Schwartz, period, end of discussion. Judge Schwartz told Lohan at the last hearing, that he wouldn’t continue the case again.” Lohan is charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice Beach, California — a charge she denies. The source goes on to tell us: “If Lindsay does decide to do an open plea in front of Judge Schwartz on Thursday, he will likely then set the matter for sentencing, which will then likely be set for another date in the very near future.” As first reported on Wednesday, Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, and Judge Keith Schwartz met in chambers to discuss the plea deal. Our insider says: “Judge Schwartz is inclined to impose a lighter sentence than the D.A. is recommending. Lindsay is finally beginning to grasp that this is going to be her best shot at getting this matter resolved in a fair manner.”

If Lindsay wants to get this over with quickly, she’ll accept the plea deal, spend two weeks in jail then go about her business. But Lindsay loves unnecessary, pointless drama and playing the victim, so there’s a good chance she’ll want to take this to trial. There’s also a good chance I wore two different color socks today. But what can I say? I’m a free spirit running toward the underground railroad of life, no longer chained to the rules of fashion.