A Filipino Kid Will Have This As A Mom Soon

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Brad Pitt gets to bang Angelina Jolie regularly, so that means going along with anything and everything she says. And sometimes that includes adopting a kid from a cave or thatched hut with somebody pedaling a bike to charge a car battery. Showbiz Renegade reports:

Several local entertainment sites report the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie allegedly inquired at the Hospicio de San Jose in Manila on the process on how to adopt a child. The information was first shared by Harold Geronimo, a columnist at Manila Standard Today. Geronimo said on his tweet: “It was just an inquiry of adoption process, etc. according to sources (at) Hospicio. No concrete final details yet.”…However, no official statement from Hospicio de San Jose in Manila was released either to confirm or deny the report. The couple had not also released any word as regards to any plans of adopting a child, and in particular from the Philippines.

I don’t even know where the Philippines is exactly, but I do know they were named after some dude named Phillip. Angelina’s Christmas cards already look like a Benneton ad, why does she need another one? Why isn’t Phillip taking care of this kid? What’s his deal?

Note: Before you start, yes, Angelina Jolie doesn’t look like the banner pic anymore. But she did at one time. And you didn’t. I hope that adequately sums up what you’re feeling right now.