Katy Perry Doesn’t Want Airplay

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Katy Perry can’t sing, dance, or write, so this may not be wise. Page Six says:

Dr. Luke produced Perry’s biggest hits, including “Hot n Cold,” “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream.” But sources say they likely won’t be working together on her next album. “He’s stopped the hype with her,” an associate of Dr. Luke told us. “She got tired of his records, the same familiar sound, but mostly his attitude. Katy’s a star now, and she’s not going to be told what to do.”

Dr. Luke notably stopped tweeting about Perry in December — although he started again after we called on Friday — and hasn’t mentioned her in recent interviews, where he instead talked about Ke$ha and Spears.

An industry source said, “It’s a red flag if a producer goes completely silent before the Grammys.” Another associate of Dr. Luke told us he may be a musical genius, but his abrasive style can be hard to swallow: “He checks all of his artists. He just curses them out. He thinks he owns them because he made them.”

But some say Dr. Luke isn’t the only one to blame. “It’s a battle of the egos,” one source said. “A lot of people think that without Dr. Luke, Katy’s going to have a big problem. She’s not much of a songwriter or vocalist, and she’s gonna have to start from scratch. You can’t just bring in any producer to make magic. The label is really pushing her to work on another album while she’s hot.”

Katy Perry thinks scrapping Dr. Luke is a good idea. Considering he’s one of the three reasons she’s famous (I’ll give you one guess as to the other two), she should probably rethink her stance on this if she wants to stay relevant.