Lindsay Will Accept Plea Bargain, Will Do 18 Days In Jail

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Gonna go burn LA to the ground. brb. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer and the prosecutor have been trying to hammer out a plea bargain but have hit a wall, so now they’re having a pow wow with the judge to break the stalemate. Sources connected to the case tell TMZ … Shawn Holley has been speaking with Dannette Meyers about copping a plea in Lindsay’s felony grand theft case — the whole necklace thing — but Meyers won’t budge on six months in jail. So … we’ve learned Holley and Meyers will go to court next week and meet with Judge Keith Schwartz in his chambers. We’re told Holley will ask the judge what sentence he’d hand down if Lindsay pleads guilty or no contest. Sources familiar with the case and Judge Schwartz believe Hiz Honor would probably go for a three-month sentence. Our sources say both Meyers and Holley believe Lindsay will only do 20% of the actual sentence because of overcrowding. So, if Judge Schwartz gave Lindsay three months, she’d only serve 18 days. Judge Schwartz is known as a settlement judge, so it’s likely a deal can be struck … IF Lindsay’s willing to accept reality — that she’s going to do some jail time, no matter what.

I won’t get into why jails in this country are overcrowded (I’ll let Bill Hicks do that), but goddamn. 18 days? I’ve been on vacations longer than that. At the end of the 18 days do they take her out in the street and stone her? Do they put her in a shopping cart and push her off a cliff? No? Then I really don’t understand what we’re accomplishing here other than making me want to go outside and punch a stranger. This stranger might have kids. Or wear glasses. Or have a disability. Ask yourself, Judge Schwartz. Can you live with that?

Note: Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice you used the term “pow wow”, TMZ.