Billy Ray Canceled “The View” Because Of Miley

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For years, Billy Ray Cyrus has been content to be a dumb hillbilly with a soul patch who was content to sit back back and let his daughter, Miley Cyrus, foot the bill for his life of undeserved excess. But then she started to go crazy. Knowing Miley might not shit golden eggs for long, he did an interview with GQ and went all Dina Lohan where he threw anyone and everyone except himself under the bus. Looking for a big payday for “exclusive” interviews, Billy Ray Cyrus had planned a whirlwind media tour, with the next stop being The View. Then I guess Miley stopped a payment on one of his checks. Popeater reports:

Now he goes and upsets TV legend Barbara Walters after his daughter forced him to drop out of a scheduled interview on ‘The View’ this week. “When Miley found out her father was scheduled to appear on ‘The View’ on Wednesday she went nuts,” a family friend tells me. “Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down with [Barbara and Whoopi] and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen.” The GQ interview started off a firestorm after Billy Ray’s bombshell that he feels isolated from his daughter, blaming everyone but himself. “I’m scared for her,” he said in the interview. “She’s got a lot of people around her that’s putting her in a great deal of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm.” Billy Ray’s comments had come out of nowhere, leaving everyone, including Miley, to wonder why her dad had decided to go public with private family matters. “At first Miley defended her dad, wanting to believe he had been tricked into saying bad things by the magazine,” an insider with knowledge of situation tells me. “Miley truly wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt, goodness knows she’s said things she wishes she could take back. But after she found out about his media trip to New York, no more excuses could be made.”

Of course, Billy Ray Cyrus will release a statement in a few days painting himself as the selfless hero saying he canceled out of respect for his daughter and that instead of trying to help her through the media, he believes he should work through Miley’s issues with her lovingly and privately. And of courser, that’s pretty much bullshit. So, as he reads that statement, imagine him on his knees in front of a flag with a pillow case over his head and an AK-47 pointed at his neck. That should clear up any misconceptions you might have with all this.