Jennifer Aniston Looks Glad To Be Here

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The Berlin premiere of Just Go With It was last night, and as you can clearly see, Jennifer Aniston was having the time of her life. Especially when she was forced to stand next to Brooklyn Decker. There’s no way Aniston felt threatened or her ovaries or her prospects for love crumbling to dust. Of course she didn’t go home and cry to the cut out pictures of Brad Pitt. She’s fine. Nothing was wrong. Specifically, there was nothing wrong with Brooklyn Decker. Someone could have thrown acid in her face and stuck half her arm in a stump grinder right before these pictures were taken and she’s still be the hottest thing at the premiere. It kinda makes me wish I was a marginal tennis player instead of a brilliant celebrity gossip writer. Oh, I see how it is God! Fuck you, buddy!

Pic #3 of Jennifer Aniston with half her face cropped out was a genuine accident that I only caught after I uploaded these pics. But I just went with it. Hahaha, man. I crack myself up!