Rihanna Is Sexting Colin Farrell

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Rihanna has long since figured out what to do with a camera phone, and now she is using this knowledge to try to bang Colin Farrell. The Sun reports:

If there’s one woman you wouldn’t mind pestering you, the Bajan stunner has to top the list. The Rude Boy singer met ex-hellraiser Colin on GRAHAM NORTON’s chat show before Christmas. They swapped numbers afterwards and the Irish Rover has been receiving lots of flirty messages. A source said: “Colin was taken aback by some of the texts. He reckons he might well be in there. They’re both single, so why not?” I saw footage of Mr Norton’s show when they originally met. Early on Colin complimented her on her dress, which left only her “limbs” on show. He added: “They are very nice limbs. There’s probably a reason I mentioned them, I had to get them off my mind.” Rihanna then talked about getting a wax treatment, leaving Colin wide-eyed with excitement.

I could have an art show with what’s been sent to my phone, but it probably can’t compare with what Rihanna has to say. Oh, man! A wax treatment?! I feel like opening a bottle of wine and putting on some Maxwell at the thought of Rihanna with her ass in the air while some Korean chick applies alcohol to prevent ingrown hairs. I can’t be the only one turned on now, right?