Brody Jenner’s Mom Is Avril Lavigne’s Other Fan

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Brody Jenner’s mom likes Avril Lavigne. Can you tell it’s a slow news day? E! Online says:

“They’re almost a year together,” Jenner’s mom Linda Thompson told us last night at the Global Action Forum awards gala in Beverly Hills. “She’s an amazing young woman and I feel really fortunate that she’s in our lives.”

So have the couple started planning a walk down the aisle?

“Not yet,” Thompson said. “I mean they’re very young. They both have their careers to concentrate on.”

But that doesn’t mean Brody’s mama doesn’t think they’ll one day tie the knot!

When asked if she thinks they’ll be together forever, Thompson gushed, “I actually do yeah.”

“You never know what will happen but they are well suited for each other,” she said. “She’s such a lovely person and surprisingly, she’s a real home body. She loves to cook and she’s really grounded and very familial. She’s into close-knit family time. I really respect her.”

Avril Lavigne is a moronic, self-obsessed, drunk divorcee who looks, dresses, and acts like a 14-year-old cutter, but Brody Jenner’s mom is stoked to have her. If her hopes for her children are this high, I can only imagine how proud she’d be if she were Montana Fishburne’s mom. “I admire her independence. She makes her own money and doesn’t rely on her parents, and that takes a lot of strength.”