Rihanna Is Pretty Smart

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On February 8, 2009, Chris Brown did THIS to Rihanna after she had the audacity to ask who he was texting right in front of her. So, of course, why wouldn’t she want to hang out again? TMZ reports:

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to be able to get close to her again without risking getting thrown in jail — a major shift in their relationship two years after Brown’s conviction for beating her. E! first reported Rihanna was interested in changing the restraining order. Her attorney, Donald Etra, tells TMZ, “Rihanna does not object” to reducing the order to a “do not annoy” — meaning the exes could have contact as long as Chris doesn’t harass or molest Rihanna. Chris initially asked for the reduction … but the court needed to know how Rihanna felt before ruling. The order has not been changed yet — so there won’t be a Grammy night reunion this weekend — but Rihanna’s change of heart hints there could be one in the near future.

It’s Black History Month, so I guess I should be happy that two young black people have put the past behind them in search for a new day. Or I could just stick with not giving a shit. Maybe when Rihanna ends up in traction in a few months after she asks Chris Brown to take the trash out I can think of a better joke. Who knows, though. Why put undue pressure on myself?

I don’t know, maybe Rihanna thinks she’s the Black Knight. Tis but a scratch: