Jennifer Lopez Is Unoriginal

Jennifer Lopez was accused of ripping off the incredibly talented Kat DeLuna almost a month ago, and someone finally called her out on it. From The NY Daily News:

Jennifer Lopez has finally commented on being embroiled in controversy recently with fellow Latina singer Kat DeLuna — just not in English.

In an interview that was aired last week on “Despierta America,” a Latin American television show similar to an E! television program, reporter Birmania Rios interviewed J.Lo “at Radio City Music Hall” in NYC and asked the hot mama “about the rumor of her supposedly copying Kat DeLuna’s “Party O’Clock” song to make her “On the Floor” single (both songs were produced by producer RedOne).

After Rios asked about the younger singer, Lopez looked surprised and glanced off camera, where a source tells us her handler was standing. “What? Really? I’m not aware of that,” the 41 year-old replied in Spanish with a nervous expression. (Our insider reveals, however, that J.Lo’s camp specifically requested that nothing about the Deluna debacle be brought up during the interview.)

But the reporter continued to press for more information: She told Lopez she had “caught up with Kat DeLuna” as well in a previous interview, adding that the 23-year-old hottie said “she’s honored that [Lopez] would copy one of her songs.” The “American Idol” judge gave a forced chuckle, and insisted yet again, that “no, I didn’t hear about it.” Right.

Whatever man. Jennifer Lopez is only relevant now for her huge ass (and she’s been eclipsed there, too) and for judging people more talented than she is. Hey, I know someone like that!

If you value your hearing as much as Van Gogh did, you can compare the two songs in the video below. I got about fourteen seconds in before I had an aneurysm.