John Mayer Doesn’t Want To Reek Of Summer’s Eve

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John Mayer understands that in order to be liked, you don’t need to reform your poor behavior–you just need to change your handlers. Us Weekly says:

A source who recently spent time with the “Heartbreak Warfare” singer, 33, tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now) that he got berated on the street that night for being a serial heartbreaker.

“Girls came up and yelled at him, saying he was a horrible person,” says a source of Mayer, who once held an impromptu press conference with paparazzi to discuss his split with Jennifer Aniston and famously referred to ex Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm.”

Continues the source, “Girls asked how he could treat women the way he did. People would tell him exactly what they thought of him.”

Now the balladeer says he is looking for “a new team to manage his image,” adds the insider. “He wants to change people’s perspective on him.”

If John Mayer wants to look like less of a douchebag, he could start by shaving and not channeling Corey Hart in public. If women want John Mayer to be less of a douchebag, they could start by not fucking him. If you want your cookies to be chewier, you could use a higher ratio of brown to granulated sugar. I’m here to help!

One of the hearts John Mayer broke is now banging Derek Jeter on the regular. I think she’ll be okay.