Rihanna Sucks At Sexting

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Rihanna looks like an equal opportunity hire Woody Woodpecker and sounds like she should be in an infomercial telling me to call in for a free psychic reading, but people think she’s hot. So people might like the fact that she sends topless pictures of herself to guys she may or not be fucking. MediaTakeOut reports:

Shortly after Rihanna and Chris Brown split up, Rih started “dating” a popular sports star (who for now . . . will remain nameless). Well, in addition to bodily fluids, that baller and Rih used to exchange EXPLICIT pics of each other. Unfortunately for Rih, dude shared the pics with his boys. And – as is always the case – the pics ended up in MdiaTakeOut.com’s inbox. Don’t you HATE when that happens . . .

Whatever. You can’t really see anything. Which is exactly what that girl told me when I sent her a picture of my penis. Look, he’s shy okay? He was on steroids for his allergies as a kid and they stunted his growth, it’s not like you can’t see anything, I mean it was cold outside! Okay?! God, Just leave me alone!!