Oh, I See. Lindsay Just “Borrowed” The Necklace.

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Like any good crackhead, Lindsay Lohan has already changed her story twice before lunch and is throwing anyone even remotely involved with the necklace under the bus. Now she’s claiming that she simply borrowed the necklace and the stylist didn’t return it on time. TMZ reports:

Sources closely connected with Lindsay tell TMZ … Lindsay was in the jewelry store in Venice, CA on January 22 and claims the necklace was loaned to her. Lindsay claims she gave it back to a stylist at some point thereafter but the stylist neglected to return it on time. Lindsay says her stylist is the one who returned it to the LAPD last night. Lindsay says, according to sources, “I didn’t have any part in the non-returning on time.”

This would make sense if it weren’t for the fact that Lindsay was photographed with the necklace on TWO DAYS AGO. Which in turn, caused the jewelry store owner to call the police after he saw the picture on the Internet…nine days after Lindsay claimed she “borrowed” it. Hey, guess what? The cops don’t believe it either!

We’ve learned the Lieutenant in charge of the investigation contacted the L.A. County Probation Department last night, informing them Lindsay is the sole target of a grand theft investigation involving a necklace that was taken from a Venice, CA jewelry store. The Probation Dept. could trigger a hearing to determine if Lindsay violated her probation in her DUI case. As we reported, the necklace was returned last night, after cops got a search warrant that would have allowed them to search Lindsay’s home. We’re told the friend who turned the item in told cops it was being returned specifically on behalf of Lindsay. And cops tell us … returning the item doesn’t stop the investigation. It’s still active.

Was this bitch a patient at Shutter Island at one point and we don’t know about it? She can’t be this dumb and delusional. It’s impossible. I bet she doesn’t want to parallel park because she afraid of what the swing sets look like in other dimensions.