Blame Kanye

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Kim Kardashian says that Kanye West encouraged her to release a single. MTV UK says:

“OK, I’m not a singer, this isn’t what I do. I have too much other stuff going on. Is this really something safe for me to do?’

She continued: “Kanye was actually one of the people who really talked me into doing it and telling me, like, ‘Hey, look, what do you guys do for fun? You guys go shopping, you go to the movies. Kind of step into our world for a second and have fun, and we go to the studio.’

Despite the song being produced by The-Dream, Kim claimed that herself and her sisters do take advice from Kanye, stating: “Kanye came to see the store and check out what we were doing in New York City.”

“He’s someone we look up to and just think as like, in the fashion world… someone that we’ve always just taken advice from. He wanted to come check out the store, and while at the store, I was really uncertain about the music thing.”

I’m having a hard time suspending my disbelief that Kim Kardashian needed convincing to record a song in a room full of black men. I imagine an extra biscuit would work much better and much faster than reason. Especially when the reason comes from someone who willingly banged this. To her credit, Kim used to get her advice from a magic 8-ball, but sources suspect Lindsay Lohan stole it.

It appears Kim also takes advice from Madame Tussaud: