Playgirl Wants Rob Kardashian To Pose

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Since the rest of his family are whores, Playgirl has offered Rob Kardashian $45,000 to pose.

Playgirl confirms to E! News that the adult mag wants Kim, Kourtney and Khloé’s little (as in younger) brother Rob Kardashian to strike a pose in its pages. But what about Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick? Might he be asked to strip down too? “While most people assumed we’d be interested in Scott, my interest actually lies in the adorable Rob Kardashian,” says Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio. “Rob is a perfect example of the classic Playgirl model, and we’d be proud to have him join the ranks of other quasi celebs to strip for Playgirl.” Rob is being offered a cool $45,000 to get naked, but you might say it’s kind of a, er, package deal considering it also includes some help getting into shape. “I’d bring him to NYC to work with my trainer for a few weeks though, as he looks like he could use a few weeks prep before the shoot,” says Nardicio.

So he’s a “perfect example” of a Playgirl model, but they want him to hit the gym for a month to pose. Okay. So to recap, they think name recognition of actual whores will help them sell magazines. It won’t. Sorry. Mostly because Rob Kardashian looks like he should be hanging sheet rock or asking me where I want my azaleas planted. Originally azaleas were classed as a different genus of plant, but now they are recognized as two of the eight subgenera of rhododendrons. One major difference between azaleas and the rest of the rhododendron genus is their size. Another is their flower growth; rhododendrons grow their flowers in stripers, while most azaleas have terminal blooms.