Scarlett Johansson Hates Sandra Bullock

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My soul needs to believe this. National Enquirer reports:

“You’re a man-hungry tramp!” SCARLETT JOHANSSON exploded in rage when her pal SANDRA BULLOCK betrayed her by cozying up to estranged hubby RYAN REYNOLDS — before the ink on their divorce papers was even dry. The blonde beauty, 26, wanted her bitter words to get back to Sandra “because she still has intense feelings for Ryan and feels Sandra isn’t respecting that at all,” revealed a friend. Scarlett is having second thoughts about her recent split and has been holding out hope of reconciliation – -but now Sandy has captured Ryan’s attention and has even gone out on the town with him. “Sandra may be known as ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ but she’s NO sweetheart to Scarlett,” declared the friend.

Ok, here’s the deal. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, two former co-stars, ran into each other one night then talked and bonded over their recent divorces. That’s it. Nothing to see here. Scarlett tried to throw the pussy at Leonardo DiCaprio recently, so I really don’t think she’s sitting at home cutting out pictures of Sandra Bullock and taping them to her wall and drawing Xs over the eyes. But if Scarlett and Sandra really want to get in a fight, that’s cool. Oh, and can it involve pillows? And something double-sided? You have a pen? You writing this all down? C’mom, man. I gotta be somewhere.