Taylor Swift Will Die Alone

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Jennifer Aniston has encouraging words for Taylor Swift. The New York Daily News says:

Is Taylor Swift the Jennifer Aniston of her generation? An insider at Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards tells us the notoriously unlucky-in-love Aniston, 41, approached Swift, 21, inside the Nokia Theatre to tell her to “hang in there” in the face of relentless press about her love life. We hear the two had not previously met, but Aniston “wanted Taylor to know everything will be okay.”

Other than getting dumped by John Mayer and not having much discernible talent between them, these two really don’t have that much in common. Jennifer Aniston is a stage five clinger and box office poison. Taylor Swift is a professional beard that will still go platinum if she makes an audio recording of herself dropping a deuce. If Jennifer Aniston really wanted to give her dating advice, she could start with, “Stop picking fruits with fruits.”