Lindsay Had No Idea

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With billions of apartments in and surrounding L.A., Lindsay Lohan claims she had no idea that she moved within a 100 yards of the woman that she stalked for three years. Of course she didn’t. Because that would be mean she would have to accept responsibility for her actions and admit she’s a ticking time bomb of psychosis and need. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she had “no idea” her new badass beach house was right next door to ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson …but she’s ready to move out in order to “keep the peace.” Sources close to Lindsay tell us … Lohan was aware Sam lived somewhere in Venice, Ca — but she didn’t know how close her new pad was to Ronson’s home until family members saw the DJ pull in to the garage next door on Monday. Now — after Lindsay’s father went through all the trouble of moving her in — we’re told Lohan is considering moving out of the place after learning Sam was “pissed” at the situation. We’re told Lindsay doesn’t want to break the lease — which would cost her big bucks — but she also doesn’t want to “ruffle any feathers.”

Please. Why would Lindsay know that only a grappling hook and a glass door would separate her from the woman she’s obsessed with? Lindsay is a delicate, fragile flower and would never do anything sketchy then try to manipulate the situation after the fact to paint herself as the hapless victim. Lindsay’s right, she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers. She actually wants to break in and make Samantha Ronson saw through her own arm if Samantha really wants to break free from the bonds of their love. Bonds of their love being actual handcuffs welded to a chain around the toilet.