Reese Witherspoon Is Getting Married

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Also realizing she’s a single mom who’s about to be on the wrong side of 30 with two kids, Reese Witherspoon agreed to married her boyfriend of 11 months, Hollywood agent Jim Toth. Us Magazine reports:

The Oscar-winning actress, 34, began dating Toth, 40, around January 2010, shortly after her split from Jake Gyllenhaal. The duo went public with their romance in March during a romantic birthday weekend in Ojai, Calif. Toth works as an agent at L.A.’s Creative Artists Agency; Witherspoon is a CAA client, but Toth doesn’t represent her.

I went to Flying Saucer last night and some dude got his plate on the wall after he finished his 200th beer in the U.F.O. Club. What do I mention this? Because it’s literally more interesting than anything in a Reese Witherspoon story.