Demi Lovato Settles With Snitches

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Last month, beat down a backup dancer because she snitched to her tour managers about a coke party. This month, she is paying the backup dancer off. TMZ reports:

Under the settlement, Alex Welch will get money, though the amount is confidential. Welch’s attorney, Donald Karpel, tells TMZ, “The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely.” As we previously reported, Lovato decked Welch with such force that the backup dancer had visible bruising on her left eye and cheek. Lovato went to a treatment center shortly after the incident and claimed she felt “awful” about her behavior.

So let’s hope Demi has learned a valuable lesson from this. And that lesson being with an unlimited supply of money, you can bitch slap as many people as you want without consequence. I would post more, but Raleigh just got nine inches of snow and me and the rest of the soccer team need to go find help. brb.