Zooey Deschanel Is Suing

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(500) Days of Summer star and hipster hero Zooey Deschanel is mad. From E! Online:

According to her breach-of-contract lawsuit filed Friday in L.A. Superior Court, Deschanel’s agent initially brokered a $2 million deal for her in August that would allow Steve Madden to use her name and image to market and sell “Zooey shoes & accessories.”

A few days later, the company said a retailer wasn’t onboard with the deal as it was and lowered the amount to $1.5 million, which Deschanel’s reps agreed to, the suit continues.

Then, the complaint alleges, on Oct. 13, Steve Madden “breached and repudiated” the new deal without explanation and refused to pay—and stil hasn’t paid, though Deschanel tried to hold up her end of the bargain.

Poor Zooey. It must suck to be screwed out of an endorsement deal that would’ve paid her more than any of her movies did. It probably sucks almost as much as constantly being mistaken for Katy Perry without a push up bra.