Lindsay Has A Stalker

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OH NOES!! TMZ reports:

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Lindsay has been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers — and the unidentified person behind them has been making disparaging statements about her recovery … and her family. Even scarier, the unknown person is saying he/she knows where Lindsay is staying and is watching her. We’re told Betty Ford officials are so concerned, they’re moving their most famous patient to a more secure, private facility. We’re also told BF has limited Lindsay’s outings out of concern for her safety.

Oh, my God! “Harassing phone calls”?! “Disparaging statements”?! Mean texts?! When will this madness stop?! How can Lindsay feel safe when she’s behind locked doors with posted security guards on premises around the clock?! Um, I don’t know. Change your fucking number? Rebecca Schaeffer got shot in the chest, you have a prank caller you fucking drama queen bitch.