Angelina Jolie Is A Jinx

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Right. E! Online says:

The stars’ The Tourist was left stranded with a second-place, $17 million weekend debut, per estimates.

What happened?

Take your pick: lousy reviews; lousy weather (sunny Los Angeles, excluded); an overall blah weekend for Hollywood; etc.

The result was a steep comedown for Depp, whose last film was Alice in Wonderland. It was more in line with 2004’s Secret Window, which also happens to be the last time Depp played an ordinary man (by Depp standards).

For Jolie, this is more the norm—she hasn’t had a No. 1 opener since Mr. & Mrs. Smith. (At the same time, she’s had several money-makers since then, so there you go.)

With a reputed price tag of $100 million, The Tourist has a lot on the line. If Jolie and Depp weren’t international draws, their film would be DOA, but they are, and The Tourist isn’t. So far, the movie has debuted in a few countries overseas; its worldwide total stands at $25 million.

Please. Somewhere Jennifer Aniston and her publicist are cackling over their Cobb salads, but Angelina Jolie (and her insane legs, pictured below) is still banging Brad Pitt. I think it’s safe to say she wins.