Purina Jwoww Has Naked Photos

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I realize it may be hard to tell since she carries herself with such quiet dignity and grace on Jersey Shore, but Jwoww took naked pictures of herself and sent them to her then boyfriend. He is no longer her boyfriend. He still has the pictures. See how that works, ladies? TMZ reports:

Weeks before the “Jersey Shore” star’s ex-boyfriend/former business manager Thomas Lippolis sued Jwoww for allegedly stiffing him on several deals — Jwoww’s lawyer sent the guy a letter explaining a “final payment” for his services was in the works. The document could be the proof that Lippolis needs to get the $350,000 he’s demanding from the reality star. But in the letter, the lawyer added, “It has come to [Jwoww’s] attention that you may be in possession of certain photos of her that may be derogatory to her image and in violation of her contract with MTV.” Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ … the photos in question contain some very nude images of the reality star. Jwoww’s attorney demanded the return of the pics ASAP — but we’re told nothing has been exchanged thus far.

Yeah, so “derogatory to her image and in violation of her contract with MTV”, huh? Is she naked while killing dolphins or hunting homeless people? Is naked and cleaning up after she accidentally killed a hooker? If not, then I’m not seeing how pics of this skank’s tits are gonna be derogatory to her image. I think the face pretty much has that covered.