Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Getting Married

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Unlike Iran, Leonardo DiCaprio has a sudden interest in Israel. Why? Vagina makes you do strange things. Daily Mail reports:

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is thinking of converting to Judaism in what friends say is ‘the clearest sign yet’ he will marry girlfriend Bar Refaeli. DiCaprio, 36 – a non-practising Catholic – has made several secret visits to Israel where Bar, his girlfriend of five years, comes from. ‘Leo’s sudden intense interest in Israel, its culture and religion is the clearest sign yet that he intends to marry Bar,’ said a source. ‘He has been staying with her in a hotel in Tel Aviv for a few days at a time recently so that he can avoid the photographers outside her apartment in a nearby suburb. ‘Now he is looking into converting for her.’

I’m not really sure why DiCaprio or any other A-list actor/professional athlete/successful businessman would ever get married, but look at the banner pic and I can see why he’s considering it. I would convert to the Church of Latter Day Cannibal Werewolves if it meant I had the option of pulling out of this.