I Thought It Was Christmas

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Comedy legend Leslie Nielsen actually died yesterday, but don’t worry, Kim Kardashian had her hair and makeup done then laid in a coffin to fight AIDS. Splash News reports:

Kim Kardashian stars in this striking new advert to battle AIDS around the world. Kim lies in what appears to be a coffin alongside the words ‘Kim Kardashian is Dead’. She and other celebs will sacrifice their digital lives, from Facebook to Twitter, to raise money to fight the disease. On Wednesday December 1st (World AIDS Day), Kim, who has more than 5.4 million Twitter followers, will be joined by Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and others to go offline until $1 million USD has been raised for the Keep a Child Alive charity.

I don’t know who is on the marketing team over at the Keep a Child Alive, but if they want any money, they might not want to associate AIDS with good news. I’d kill Kim Kardashian to cure gingivitis, so this ad isn’t as heartbreaking as they has in mind.