Malin Akerman Replaced Lindsay Lohan In Inferno

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Since a one-armed illegal Mexican immigrant who is allergic to oranges and drywall has a better chance of getting hired than Lindsay Lohan, Malin Ackerman has officially been replaced Lohan in the Linda Lovelave biopic, Inferno. She’s most widely known from The Watchmen (BAM!). Or the guy Ben Still banged in Heartbreak Kid (EVEN MORE BAM!NSFW). Or the topless chick in Harold & Kumar (WAY MORE BAM!NSFW). Radar Online reports:

Director Matthew Wilder has wasted no time in replacing Lindsay Lohan as the star of his upcoming Inferno, has learned. He’s brought in superhot Malin Akerman to star in the Linda Lovelace biopic, Deadline Hollywood is reporting… was the first to reveal that Wilder was backing away from his long support of the troubled Lohan to star in his movie. On Wednesday he told us he had a “Plan B” in place. And yesterday, Wilder told us it was a done deal. “We’ve fired Lindsay,” he said, revealing that “we’ve already lined up somebody else who we are really happy with.” Lindsay’s camp is insisting she wasn’t fired, it was her decision to pull out of the film.

This movie is about a porn chick, and while Matthew Wilder might have got an actress upgrade, the titty downgrade has made me lose all interest in this thing. Is there some sort of conspiracy to keep Lindsay’s rack off a movie screen? It certainly appears so.