Britney’s Parents Are Back Together

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This really isn’t good for business. Why do people have to be so selfish?! Us Magazine reports:

Things are anything but toxic between Britney Spears’ divorced mom and dad. Eight years after their bitter split, Lynne and Jamie Spears are now back together, a source close to the couple confirms to first reported the reconciliation, noting the duo have been reconciled since last summer and were spotted being openly affectionate Saturday at L.A. club Boudoir. Lynne, now 55, wed Jamie, now 58, in 1975, and they have three kids together: son Bryan, 33, and daughters Britney, 28 and Jamie Lynn, 19. They’re also grandparents to Britney’s two sons (Sean, 5, and Jayden, 4) and Jamie-Lynn’s daughter Maddie, 2. Why the rekindled romance? “There is still love there,” another insider explains to Us. “It happened slowly, but they’ve been through so much.” Their most famous daughter Britney famously suffered emotional breakdowns in 2007 and 2008, but has since recovered. Her father is still her legal conservator. “It makes sense to get back together,” the insider says of the reunited couple. “That bond is strong now.”

If you had a choice between The Spears’ and a reanimated Michael Jackson to raise some kids, I could see how you might take pause. Because one daughter got knocked up at 15 and the other is an unhinged sociopath who needs court-ordered supervision to go to Starbucks. Unless these two getting back together means they want a tax deduction on their new brick underpinning, I really don’t see what good this is gonna do.