Natalie Portman Is Bored

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I realize if you aren’t wearing a cardigan in your Facebook profile picture or raging against consumerism and conformity by sipping a microbrew while updating your Urban Outfitters and American Apparel wishlists and memorizing a quote from Pitchfork to use at your next party, Natalie Portman may not be high on your list of Hollywood beauties. But don’t worry, she already assumes she’s #1. Female First (via ONTD) reports:

The ‘Black Swan‘ actress hates being judged on her looks and can’t understand why some people, particularly guys, become so obsessed with their appearance. She said: “Beauty can be a hindrance, especially if that’s the only thing that matters to other people. I’m also aware that being considered attractive can be a huge factor in getting work in my profession. “Beauty can be boring if you’re with a guy who is focused on his looks or your looks all the time. “I know a lot of male actors who are totally obsessed with creating a certain look.” Though Natalie, 29, doesn’t understand the fascination with looking good, she appreciates a man with confidence in themselves. The actress – who is dating dancer Benjamin Millepied – added: “I appreciate men who are confident in their masculinity, who don’t need to work out every day, don’t fuss about their appearance. I prefer men who know what they want out of life.”

Oh, boo hoo. I wonder if she got acid thrown in her face would her soul finally be at ease? Because how dare an industry based on superficial beauty force her to sit in a makeup chair for hours on end and endure this type of humiliation? Every time she gets a designer dress for free or has to carry a swag bag filled with stuff that costs more than by house, a part of her soul dies. Something must be done about these horrible working conditions for women in Hollywood. Or, she could just shut the fuck up and look pretty. That works, too.

Manuela Arcuri was also at the 67th Venice Film Festival in this dress. She wins!: