Billy Ray Cyrus Is Emily Post

Mr. Manners and impending divorcee Billy Ray Cyrus got all huffy when asked about his split. Us Weekly reports:

The country star and father to Miley flipped out during a Friday radio interview on WCOL’s Woody and the Wake-Up Call — when host Woody Johnson asked about his headline-making split from Tish, his wife of 17 years.

“I have to ask you because you are a celebrity and we’ve all heard,” Johnson said. “Your marriage is going?”

Instantly flustered, Cyrus, 49, replied, “Oh man. You know what bud? Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson. God bless America, God bless our troops. Woody Johnson, look at you.”

As the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer cut the interview short and stormed off, Johnson tried to apologize.

“Oh I ain’t mad at you,” Cyrus claimed. “Have a good day, brother.”

Off-mic, Cyrus can be heard sniping, “It’s very rude.”

To be fair, Billy Ray Cyrus is a beacon of high class and refinement. How else would you spawn this and this while maintaining both a mullet and a soul patch? It’s obvious that he spends his spare time drinking tea with his pinky finger up and wearing a monocle. Just not when he’s trying to steer his tractor, because that’s dangerous.