“She Was Doing Line After Line Like A Pro”

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Not only does Demi Lovato knock out bitch snitches and cut herself to quell the voices in her head, she also sucks up blow like a stripper and works cock like a Russian immigrant. Let me be the first to say, “Awwww yeaaaahhhh.” New York Daily News reports:

Disney teen darling Demi Lovato was boozing and snorting cocaine like a rock star before she checked into a treatment center last week, a bombshell report reveals. “She was doing line after line like a pro – and she was 17 at the time,” Texas college student Brian Payne told Life & Style magazine, on newsstands Wednesday. The 18-year-old Lovato’s hard partying apparently continued right up to the point she checked into a treatment center last week, the magazine reports. “Demi’s been on a tear lately. She’ll chug booze straight from the bottle,” an unnamed source close to Lovato told the glossy. “I just remember her doing it [cocaine] as if she had been doing it for a long time,” Payne said. “It didn’t seem like something new to her.” Payne said he and the “Sunny With A Chance” star partied all night at the North Richmond Hills, Tex., house of a friend following a concert in Dallas. He said Lovato ended up getting cozy with their host, a friend named Dave who was later killed in a water sport accident. Friends told the magazine the untimely death and her breakup with Joe Jonas, 21, left Lovato heartbroken and fueled her heavy drinking.

This blind item that came out in January was widely believed to be about Demi Lovato, so whoever widely believed this, widely believed it very well. It is also widely believed that I enjoy anal. Man, how do people know these things?!