Lady Gaga Is Haunted

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Despite having a face designed for Halloween, Lady Gaga is terrified of a ghost that she says haunts her on tour. No, seriously. The London Evening Standard reports:

The ‘Bad Romance’ hitmaker thinks she is being followed everywhere she tours across the world by the spectre, who has “terrified” her with his constant presence.

A member of her touring crew told the Daily Star: “She’s been telling us all for months that she has a male spirit called Ryan who travels the world with her.

“She’s pretty terrified by this spirit, but more than anything he’s annoying her as he won’t leave her alone.

“He’s hasn’t been doing anything too violent or scary but she’s freaked out by his presence. She’s a very spiritual person and in tune with the spiritual world but this is a step too far, even for her.”

Is she sure it’s a dude named Ryan and maybe not the chick that she ripped off who hurled herself off of a building? In any case, Casper always said ghosts were only here if they had unfinished business. Maybe Ryan’s a plastic surgeon. If so, it looks like he’s not going to cross over for a while.