Katy Perry Didn’t Have Sex On Her Honeymoon

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Since it’s always good to withhold your vagina from a sex addict to give lip service to outdated Christian principles, Katy Perry instituted a month long sex ban prior to her wedding to Russell Brand. But I guess she should have thought about that before she decided to honeymoon in a country where laundry day consists of rocks and a ditch. Celebedge reports:

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were disappointed after the singer was bitten by a spider on her honeymoon and given medication by doctors which left her too drowsy to consummate her marriage. The singer and new husband Russell Brand flew to the Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives after their Indian wedding last month but plans for a romantic holiday were reportedly spoilt after the ‘Firework’ hitmaker was treated with medication that left her too exhausted to consummate the marriage. According to Australia’s Grazia magazine, Katy – who had imposed a one-month sex band before tying the knot – fell foul of the insect almost immediately after arriving at the $8000-a-night resort and was left with a rash on her legs, forcing her to seek medical advice.

Part of me wants to believe this story, but I’m a dude, so I really can’t. Mostly because I do my best work when the chick is passed out. Awww yeah, ladies!