Demi Lovato Was Bullied

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Much like AIDS, the disease of bullying is not just isolated to gay people. That’s because Demi Lovato‘s need to cut and starve herself stem from the bad meanie words kids said to her in 7th grade. TMZ reports:

The issues that Disney superstar Demi Lovato is hoping to tackle in her treatment center all stem from a painful history of being bullied … sources extremely close to the singer tell TMZ. We’re told Demi’s issues with bullies go all the way back to middle school — where she felt her acting career made her a target. Our sources say Demi subsequently engaged in self-destructive behavior that is a manifestation of being bullied. In fact — back in 2008, Demi told Ellen DeGeneres that she was bullied so badly in 7th grade, she pulled out of her middle school and switched to a home school program.

If more kids would learn to cut the bullies instead of cutting themselves, then maybe we wouldn’t have to feign sympathy for a 18-year old millionaire who will never have to work another day in her life. I once fractured a kid’s nose with a bicycle lock because he asked if my mom had me on a buffalo. That was a little extreme of course, but then again, the topic of buffalo never came up again.