Lindsay Was Sent Back To Rehab

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Prosecutors asked for 180 days of jail time, Judge Fox talked big shit, but guess how many days she’ll spend in jail? You’ll never even guess!

Lindsay Lohan caught a major break on Friday when Judge Elden Fox chose not to send her to jail and ordered her to stay in rehab at the Betty Ford Center. was in the courtroom as Judge Fox decided Lindsay’s fate. There was a very good chance the judge was going to put Lindsay behind bars. Lindsay was ordered to stay at Betty Ford until Jan. 3, 2011. The district attorney wanted Lindsay to do 180 days of hard time behind bars and said, “we have not gotten her attention yet.” The judge made a point of keeping Lindsay in rehab through the holidays. “There is a reason for that,” he said in court. Judge Fox also said he was new to “this sort of rodeo.”

Of course. Rehab is the place for Lindsay. The four previous times really worked, so I’m sure time it’s just to give her some rest from being such a in demand movie star. I bet she’s doing yoga or painting a landscape in watercolors right now and not even thinking about jumping the fence and blowing the nearest guy with a runny nose.

Note: At this point, I am no longer speculating that Lindsay will get jail time for any reason. She could shoot a baby in the face, skin it then use it to make a purse, and I will make sure to check California law on that before I post anything.