This Was The Best Picture

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I’m a Southern gentleman and I only agree with hitting women only if it’s already included in the price beforehand or if they back talk or overcook the chicken. Even after you’ve told them specifically time and time again that you don’t like overcooked chicken. Am I talking to myself? What are you, stupid? Can’t you do anything right?! Stop crying and cook it right, bitch!! Oh by the way, remember when Rihanna got her ass beat by Chris Brown because she had the audacity to ask who the girl was he was texting? And remember how you said the banner pic didn’t really match the almost unreadable police report? Well, that’s because there are more pictures from that night that are so horrific that RadarOnline wouldn’t even buy them.

The photos were taken in a Los Angeles emergency room where Rihanna was being treated after she was assaulted the night of the Grammy awards in February 2009, according to an anonymous source who would not identify themselves to “They were taken at the hospital,” admitted the source, who has been shopping the photos to various other media outlets. While three of the stills feature Rihanna, a fourth is of Brown seated in a hospital room pictured with a small lesion on his upper lip. The battered songstress, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, is pictured with large welts above each of her eyebrows, marks on both of her cheeks and a split lip. The most graphic photo is a close-up; her left eye bloodied and bruised, with four lesions on her face and multiple cuts on her bottom lip. Rihanna, wearing a grey tank top with her short hair pushed off her face, is also photographed in a profile position, showing the right side of her face. A ruler is being held up which shows the reddish swelling to span two inches – from the bottom of her eye almost all the way down to her mouth. In another image, Rihanna is shown pulling her busted lips apart to show numerous lacerations on the inside of her mouth. A worker, wearing a latex glove, is holding up a ruler to her lips. There appears to be at least five major cuts on the inside of her lips. In the one image not seen by, Rihanna is captured with a “bite bruised mark on her arm“, according to the source.

As much as I don’t understand why a man would stick his penis in another man’s anus, I almost understand that better than why a man would hit a woman. Would that make her shut the fuck up? Yeah. But getting a job or finally learning how to eat pussy will pretty much do the same thing.