Dina Lohan Has Known All Along

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In 2003, L.A. law enforcement assigned a special investigator to follow Lindsay Lohan because she had a stalker. But as he followed Lindsay every night, he found that there was a bigger threat than a guy jacking off in Lindsay’s trashcan. Want to take a guess what that was? TMZ reports:

But our sources say the investigator became alarmed when he saw Lindsay clubbing all over town, which made the investigator fear she was drinking and driving. Law enforcement then contacted Dina to give her the heads-up. Dina wasn’t answering her phone, so voicemail messages were left warning her of Lindsay’s Hollywood antics. Dina never called back … not even once.

So to reiterate, Lindsay was 17, getting drunk all over town, and police left messages like a jealous ex-girlfriend on Dina Lohan‘s phone that she never answered. But you really didn’t think Dina Lohan was going to take any responsibility whatsoever did you? Of course you didn’t.

A source close to Dina tells TMZ, “If law enforcement was so worried about Lindsay’s safety, why didn’t they send someone to Dina’s home to inform her?”

At this point, it’s actually kind of impressive that Lindsay hasn’t posted her outcall rates on Twitter or been found in a ditch with her panties shoved up her ass yet. Jesus. She would have been better off being raised by a picture of Dina Lohan than the actual Dina Lohan.