Lady Gaga Is Wonderful

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For some reason a chick who looks like she just won a Gargamel transvestite contest has tricked millions of gays, tween cutters, and people who think Lil Wayne can rap into thinking she’s some kind of musical genius, so I wonder if she’s let that give her an undeserved God complex? Man, I can hardly believe it! Hollywoodlife reports:

Not only does Lady Gaga’s hotel need to be at least a 5 star premium location, she requests two things above all else in her dressing room: honey and an OXYGEN TANK! What she could possibly need an oxygen tank for at every pit stop is beyond us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! The requests don’t end there. If dinner isn’t ready by 5 p.m., the venue can be in breach of contract. Plus, Lady Gaga has a specific type of food for each day of the week. Check it out:

Mon – BBQ Night

Tues. – Asian Night

Wed. – Mexican Night

Thurs. – American Night

Fri. – Carving Night (Include Tri Tip & Ham)

Sat. – Pasta Bar (Assorted Pasta types, meats, veggies, sauces)

Sun. – Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings

Can’t we just change Monday to Poison Apple Night and get this shit over with? I’m sure Perez Hilton will eat her remains so we won’t have to putting a cross on her chest and burying her with garlic.