Michelle Rodriguez Is Sensitive To Others

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But…but…THEY KILLED THE JEWS!! Splash reports:

‘Lost’ actress Michelle Rodriguez poses in front of a swastika flag in this picture posted on her official Twitter page. While the screen star appeared to be mocking Nazi supporters – whom the ancient symbol is often associated with – she nevertheless angered some fans. Posting the image from Texas she wrote: “Hehehhehee Only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi flag shooters look at the holes on this flag.” But one fan said: “That is NOT cool. Even if I know you’re against the Nazi regime, it is INACCEPTABLE to pose in front of a swastika flag. Sorry Michelle, but that’s over the top.” Earlier the 32-year-old posed with a massive weapon, saying: “Love me some range shootin;)” Her new film, ‘Machete’, was partly shot on location in Austin

Whatever. You know why you don’t see a bunch of Native Americans standing around in a bar? Because we’re all dead. Get over it. At least you know how to appraise diamonds and run movie studios. Seriously, what’s the big deal? She was kneeling in front of a flag. When Americans go to the Middle East, they pose in front of flags all the time. And they even get a souvenir blindfold and get to tell their family what a great time they’re having on videotape! Awesome! Although I wish they would upgrade to Blu-Ray. Videotapes tend to wear out over time.