Lindsay Lohan Wanted $10K, Nobody Offered

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Lindsay Lohan visited a teen homeless shelter this weekend to hand out purses to homeless kids so they can apparently carry around the things they don’t own, and if it looked like a publicity stunt to garner sympathy for a unrepentant drug-addict who feels she’s above the law, you get a gold star! Mostly because Lindsay had other plans. Which of course revolved around her utterly confusing sense of entitlement and delusional view of her price tag. US Magazine reports:

While Lindsay Lohan did good by visiting a homeless shelter in L.A. over the weekend, she was quietly shopping around a photo of herself wearing her SCRAM bracelet days after leaving jail. “Lindsay Lohan was calling around the pap agencies all weekend trying to get $10,000 up front to pose up in the SCRAM bracelet,” a reliable insider tells “All of the major players passed, and she ended up doing the setup with a small agency.” Adds the source, “She was pimping it out all weekend, looking for 10 grand, but who wants to deal with that headache?”

So, how can I put this as delicately as possible? Fuck Lindsay and everything about her. Fuck her cunt mom, fuck her Jesus freak woman beating dad, fuck her ugly ass sister, fuck her lawyer who looks like an extra on 227. They should all be shot out of a cannon into a volcano, then science should invent something to teleport that volcano to Jupiter then we should nuke Jupiter. This family brings nothing to the world except scholarship money to underprivileged kids of Mexican drug lords. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee this morning, but they should be chased by a pack of wild dogs out of LA and be forced to live on Alderaan. What? You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system! I grow tired of asking this so it will be the last time: *Where* is the rebel base?